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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 00:00

Wish upon a shooting star - Perseid Meteor Shower 2020

Perseid Meteor Shower 2020 Perseid Meteor Shower 2020

If you are in Kalkan over the next few days, you should be tilting your head back to take a good look at the night sky.

It's time for the annual spectacular that is the Perseid meteor shower.

The Perseids are so bright against the night sky, you don’t need binoculars or a telescope.  There may be as many as 100 meteors an hour flashing across the sky.  The weather forecast suggests a clear sky tonight so you might see lots of them, although there will be a little moonlight to contend with. 

A number of planets are currently visible now.  Look out for orbiting satellites too.

To find the optimal position in the night sky (the so called radiant point) look for the constellation of Perseus; the stars that make up Perseus form an upside down ‘Y’ shape.  That said meteors may be visible in all parts of the sky.

Best place to watch
Ideal places to watch are where there is no background light, so a moonlight cruise on a boat would be ideal if you can find one. 

Or you could head out of Kalkan and drive up the mountains, far away from the street lights and other artificial light - perhaps Islamlar or Bezirgan or park up in a safe place somewhere along the coast road to Kaş.


Image credit: Austin Schmid - Unsplash

Below are a few links providing more detailed information.

Earthsky Perseid meteor shower guide

Wikipedia - Perseids

Don't forget to make a wish!


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