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Saturday, 01 August 2020 00:00

KTLN Coronavirus update 1st August 2020

Coronavirus - Covid-19 Coronavirus - Covid-19

This report from KTLN reflects conversations with health professionals in the district and also refers to data from official government sources including the Hayat Evi Sığar (HES) app and the Turkish Ministry of Health.

It is an update on our first Covid-19 report and guide which was published on 11th July 2020.

In that report we advised that there were no officially confirmed Coronavirus cases in Kalkan. 

We are pleased to say that as at the end of July 2020 the position remains the same.  There have been no positive tests recorded in Kalkan.

National data
The following charts show the daily new cases of Coronavirus (i.e. tested positive in a PCR test) and also the daily death rate.

Coronavirus cases

Around half of all Turkey's confirmed cases have been in Istanbul.

Coronavirus deaths

Source: Worldometers

As at 31st July there are 230,873 people recorded as having tested positive to Coronavirus in Turkey and 5,691 deaths are attributed to the virus.  

Regional data
Looking at a regional level the government has not published statistics for Antalya province.  

For reporting purposes we come under the “Mediterranean” region, which comprises no fewer than eight provinces.  They are Antalya; Burdur; Isparta; Mersin; Adana; Hatay; Osmaniye and Kahramanmaraş.

The following chart gives the number of new cases officially recorded in the Mediterranean region in June and July.

Mediterranean cases
Source: Turkish Ministry of Health

At the "Mediterranean" regional level the number of new cases appears to be slowly rising. 

At the beginning of June new cases were running at around 40 a day and at the end of July the number was touching 70 a day.

Local data
For information the Kaş district has a population of 59,716 people, of which just 3,617 live in Kalkan mahallesi.  (2019 data)

These numbers increase by tens of thousands in the peak of the holiday season.

There are still no officially confirmed cases in Kalkan as at the end of July however there have been a small number of cases in other parts of the wider Kaş district.  

Hayat Evi Sığar (HES) data
The HES app includes a map which indicates risk levels across Turkey using colour codes.  

Low risk is blue, then green, yellow, orange and finally red which is the highest level of risk.  See screen grab images below.

These colour-coded risk levels reflect the prevalence of Coronavirus identified in any particular area.

The following isolated and very localised low risks (blue) are shown within the district of Kaş: 

  • Ağulla (near Kaş)
  • Ova
  • Karadere (close to Kumluova and Kınık)

HES map

We know that people in Kaş district who have been very ill with Coronavirus have been taken to Antalya for intensive hospital care.  Kaş state hospital has not been designated as a pandemic hospital.

Those with milder symptoms have been advised to stay at home and remain isolated.

Slightly further afield
The HES app shows several localised pockets in Fethiye town including close to Hisaronu and Ovacik, but not down at Ölüdeniz.  See example from Fethiye in the image below.

HES map

In the other direction there are isolated low risk areas on the coastal route to Antalya.  And of course in the city of Antalya where population density is higher there are some high risk pockets identified on the HES map.

Covid-19 safety rules
Read our earlier article to remind yourself what the rules are.  We continue to update this guide as the rules change.

KTLN Guide: Covid-19 rules for people in Kalkan - what you need to know

Coronavirus safety

Possible changes to the rules
The Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca recently said his scientific advisors have suggested that additional restrictions for over 65s could be lifted.  He has indicated that an announcement on this will be made after Kurban Bayram.  

Whether it will be a total or a partial relaxation of the rules we will have to wait and see.  These over 65 restrictions do not apply to tourists coming here on holiday.  KTLN will report any changes that are announced.

How are the rules being followed in Kalkan?
It’s a mixed picture.

Wherever you may be in the world you will find some people follow the rules and some don’t.  Kalkan is no different.  

Some tourists and locals are following the rules - some are not.  Some businesses are more fastidious than others.  

Of course we understand it’s difficult to stick to the rules.  For example, a warm and friendly tactile greeting is hard-wired in to the cultural psyche over here and people can fall foul of the rules without realising it.  It’s a spontaneous reflex that is hard to suppress.

So if you are keen to follow the Coronavirus rules you need to stay alert.  Just as you do back in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter.

And if other people are failing to follow the rules maybe the best you can do is avoid them.  You have a choice as to where you go and how you interact with others.

Coronavirus safety

Coronavirus outlook
The fact that Kalkan has so far not had any official cases of Coronavirus reported is quite extraordinary, especially when you consider the number of tourists arriving from various Turkish cities and also from abroad.  

Last week some estimates suggest that there were over 8,000 visitors in Kalkan and surrounding villages.  Over the Kurban Bayram period the number will be even higher.  

So given the number of people coming and going there is no room for complacency.  The pandemic has not gone away. 

It would be naive and illogical to believe that Coronavirus will never reach us.  Kalkan does not exist in a bubble. 

Therefore it is important that everyone follows the government advice on personal hygiene, face masks and social distancing. 

It’s important for your own safety and for the safety of your friends and neighbours. 

Things are different but you can still enjoy your holiday in Kalkan and stay safe.

UK FCO Advice for British citizens in Turkey
In addition to all of the web links shown above we advise keeping up to date with these fast moving events by regularly checking the UK FCO web site:  UK FCO - Advice for British Citizens in Turkey

We would invite KTLN readers to provide us with feedback on what they are seeing, how businesses are doing and what checks by the authorities they have observed.  Provide feedback to KTLN


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