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Saturday, 18 July 2020 08:31

More Korsan webcams to enjoy - take a look

Korsan Webcams Korsan Webcams

Kalkan webcams are popular.

We know this from the early days of KTLN when we were the first in Kalkan to set them up for general online viewing.

We no longer have our own KTLN webcams but we were delighted when Uluç and Claire from Korsan Group decided to extend their webcam coverage and make them widely available.

New Korsan webcams online
And with this season finally and somewhat belatedly getting started Korsan have now managed to get more cameras online for your viewing pleasure. 

So why not go to their web site and take a look.  Go to Korsan Kalkan and scroll down to the webcam link.

We can tell you from our own experience it is quite an undertaking to keep several webcams going 24 x 7, so credit to Korsan Group for doing this.  It's appreciated by many Kalkan fans - even those who live here!

Remember we have a permanent link to the Korsan webcams at the bottom of every KTLN page.

Below: Korsan webcams

Korsan Webcams

Below: From the KTLN archives, images from some of the retired KTLN webcams.

So many people came back time and time again to have a long-distance peak at their favourite holiday place. 

Some of you several times a day. You know who you are!

KTLN Webcams

KTLN Webcams

KTLN Webcams


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