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Saturday, 18 July 2020 00:00

Villa Eats - a new food home delivery app for Kalkan

Villa Eats Villa Eats

We all know that Kalkan is packed with amazing places to eat.

You only need to look at the recent KTLN Kalkan survey to see that they get close to a 100% approval rating.

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

But what if occasionally you want to eat at your villa or apartment?

You can get a local caterer to come and cook for you.  Just check out the KTLN Business Directory - Food & Drink, and search on the page for #catering

Or you can order a takeaway.  If you want to go for this option things just got a bit easier.

Local businessman Altan Kusat and developer Scott Martin have set up an IT business called Kalkan Pixels and a key project this year is their new Villa Eats app.  This will work on your smartphone making it easier to get food delivered to your home in Kalkan.  

Below: Altan Kusat (left) and Scott Martin (right).

Villa Eats

It also works for markets (groceries) and water deliveries.

The Villa Eats app is available on Apple and Android devices - just go to your app store.  It’s free.

Download on the Play Store (Android):

Download on iOS (Apple):

It works in a similar way to other popular food delivery apps you may have heard of, only this one is focussed on Kalkan. 

There are plans to extend to Kaş and Fethiye at a later date. 

You can choose English or Turkish language.

Villa Eats 

Register your details
To use the app simply enter your details, including your address.  Please note that this app does not deal with payments.  You pay on delivery - cash or card, it’s up to you.

Choose from lots of familiar eating places
You will find many local restaurants and cafes listed and you can order for delivery or collection.  

Villa Eats

There are filters so that you can search for types of food, for example Chinese cuisine.

And as we have already mentioned you can also filter on ‘markets’ and ‘water’, so it’s not just food deliveries.

Villa Eats

Place your order
For each place listed you will find a detailed menu with prices.  Simply choose what you want and add it to your cart.

Your food will be delivered to your home, (probably on a scooter rather than a cart), with the delivery person able to locate you through the GPS coordinates you provided in the app.

Kalkan food

Consumer choice
We feel sure that for many foreigners who come to Kalkan eating out at a restaurant is an essential part of the holiday experience.  It’s a very nice thing for residents to do as well. 

This new app simply offers a smart way of helping you get home deliveries if you fancy a night in.

If you give the Villa Eats app a try please tell us what you think.  We are always interested to get your feedback on all things Kalkan related.

We wish this new business venture well.

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