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Monday, 29 June 2020 00:00

2. KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020 - coming and staying

KTLN Survey KTLN Survey

Although we believe our survey sample is probably representative of most non-Turkish visitors to Kalkan, the following numbers and percentages relate to our survey sample only

In our analysis, we may extrapolate the data where we believe it makes sense.

We had 552 responses this year.  Thank you if you took part.

Remember that the majority of our 552 respondents represent a household or group of people.  We estimate the total number of people represented is over 1,700. 

Some percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

We hope you enjoy looking at the results of the survey.

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020
In our first ever survey in 2010 the top four factors were 1st Climate; 2nd Location; 3rd People & 4th Food. 

In 2016 the top four factors were: 1st Climate; 2nd People; 3rd Food & 4th Location. 

This year the top four factors are: 1st People; 2nd Climate; 3rd Food & 4th Location.  A pretty consistent messages here.

Interestingly, the votes for "Value for Money" being an influencing factor have increased from 27% in our 2010 survey, to 34% this year.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020
We assume that anyone here more than half a year (180 days), is a resident.

For the remainder, clearly two weeks just isn't enough!  In this survey about 66% of people coming on holiday spent more than 2 weeks in Kalkan. 


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

The majority of our respondents spent more in 2019 than they did in 2018.  We got similar results in our previous surveys.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

Over two thirds of respondents (69%) are prepared to give Kalkan a go a bit later this year if possible.  But will there be reasonably priced flights out of season?


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

If we take out those who say they are here more than 180 days (residents) 25% of respondents say they won't be coming to Kalkan in 2020.  In earlier surveys the comparable figure was around 6%. 

This is the impact of Coronavirus.  It is quite remarkable that 75% hope and believe they will still make it to Kalkan this year despite the obvious concerns and difficulties, even if it means coming out of season (see previous survey question).


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

Around 28% say they will spend the same (2016: 52%), with 27% saying they will spend slightly more or significantly more (2016: 31%), whilst 45% are set to spend significantly less or zero this year (2016: 9%).  This indicates the scale of the economic impact from Coronavirus.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

This shows the potential bounceback in 2021 with 96% of respondents saying they plan to be back and two thirds of them for more than two weeks.  This is in line with earlier normal years.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

And following on from the previous question we can see that in terms of anticipated spend the expectation is that there will be an economic bounceback with two thirds saying they will spend more or significantly more than 2020.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

The profile has remained remarkably consistent over the years we have run the survey.  September is by far the most popular month, with 45% of the vote - up from 41% in 2016.  The second most popular month is June with 17%, followed by May with 13%.

Note the dip in popularity for the months of July and August; coinciding with the main school holidays, and when it gets pretty hot in Kalkan.  Whilst not favourite months in this survey, Kalkan is always busy.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

In our 2016 survey 91% of foreigners travelling to Kalkan came via Dalaman, with about 5% via Istanbul and 3% from Antalya.  In this latest survey the percentages are Dalaman 84%, Istanbul 7% and Antalya 7%. 

We believe the dip in Dalaman numbers reflects to some extent the Coronavirus flight restrictions in the months just prior to this survey, but it remains by far the most popular airport.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

More than half of Kalkan visitors, (67%), use an airport transfer service - around the same as in our last survey.  Only 23% chose to drive themselves - similar to 2016.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

In this survey about 16% said they chose hotels (2016: 23%); another 20% rent out villas (2016: 23%); apartment rentals make up 18% (2016: 23%) and 44% are own/family properties (2016: 31%).  There are some significant changes here in the spread of accommodation.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

A very impressive 98% were either satisfied or very satisfied with accommodation.  This is up slightly on 2016 numbers.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020

We are happy to report that there is a significant and positive change in perception here.  Around 90% of respondents are very satisfied or satisfied with the security of the place they stay in Kalkan, compared to just 65% in 2016. 

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why people feel better about security but anecdotally we would suggest that the number of reported burglaries does appear to be lower than in the past. 

And again anecdotally we believe that more people may be improving their home security with alarms and cameras, providing reassurance for themselves and guests.

It should also be said that Kalkan has never had a problem with violent crime, such incidents being quite exceptional.

More survey results:

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  2. Coming to Kalkan - how you get here and where you stay (this report)
  3. Property ownership (to be published on Monday 29th June)
  4. Your views on Kalkan (to be published on Tuesday 30th June)

The survey findings and analysis are subject to copyright, which belongs to Kalkan Turkish Local News.  However, we appreciate that people may want to discuss and comment upon the findings. 

We do not have a problem with individuals sharing this information, however we would respectfully ask that our work is not simply copied and pasted on to other websites.

If any other website wishes to comment or report on the survey, we are happy for them to do so, but would ask for credit to be given to Kalkan Turkish Local News, with a link back to KTLN placed on their website.


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