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Sunday, 07 June 2020 16:05

KTLN Archives: 3. KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016 - property ownership

KTLN Survey KTLN Survey

This report was originally published on KTLN in March 2016.

To get you in the mood for the KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020 we are republishing the analysis from our last survey in 2016.  Please see the links below.  Enjoy.

3. Property ownership

Although we believe our survey sample is probably representative of most non-Turkish visitors to Kalkan, the following numbers and percentages relate to our survey sample only

In our analysis, we may extrapolate the data where we believe it makes sense.

We had 590 responses this year - more than last year.  Thank you if you took part.

Remember that many of our 590 respondents represent a household or group of people.  We estimate the total number of people represented is over 1,700. 

Some percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

We hope you have fun poring over the results of the survey.

Do you rent a property long term in Kalkan (not a holiday let)?

Only 15 of our 590 respondents, (3%), rent long term in Kalkan - about the same as in last year's survey.


How many properties do you own in Kalkan?

40% of respondents to the KTLN Kalkan survey own at least one property (2015 survey: 41%).  Of those who own property, 15% have more than one.


If you own a property, do you advertise it for rent?

59% of property owners rent their property, (2015 survey: 60%). 


Are you seriously considering buying a property in Kalkan?

Here is a table showing your responses over all our surveys.

Considering Buying Property
 Number of respondents  74 44 59 75  65  43  50
 Percentage of survey sample  19%  11%  12%  13%  12%  8% 8%


Are you seriously considering selling a property in Kalkan?

Here is a table showing your responses over all our surveys. 

Considering Selling Property
 Number of respondents  46 54 45 64  70  69 62
 Percentage of survey sample  12%  13%  9%  11%  13%  12%  11%

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016
 Around 10% of owners in our survey bought by the year 2000.  34% of owners bought in the 5 year period 2001 to 2005, with a further 28% buying in the 5 year period from 2006 to 2010. The last five years account for 24% of sales.  This would suggest that the rate of property sales has slowed down over recent years.

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

Of those property owners who expressed an opinion, 76% were either very satisfied or satisfied with the build quality (2015 survey: 80%).

If you are thinking of buying our advice is always to seek truly independent testimonials from existing owners.

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

About 56 % of owners who expressed an opinion, said they were either very satisfied, or satisfied with after sales service. That's 3% down on last year's figure. Meanwhile, 24% were either very dissatisfied or dissatisfied - an increase of 3% on last year.

This question highlights the importance of a builder's track record. Get to know who has a good reputation, by independent research rather than simply relying on promises.

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

87% of owners using a maintenance company, who expressed an opinion, are either very satisfied, or satisfied with their maintenance service - up 4% from last year's survey. 

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016


Stripping out the non property owners, two thirds (67%) are either satisfied or very satisfied with local taxes, (2015 survey: 72%) and around 2% are unhappy.  This decrease in satisfaction perhaps reflects the steep increases in tax seen last year.

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The survey findings and analysis are subject to copyright, which belongs to Kalkan Turkish Local News.  However, we appreciate that people may want to discuss and comment upon the findings. 

We do not have a problem with individuals sharing this information, however we would respectfully ask that our work is not simply copied and pasted on to other websites.

If any other website wishes to comment or report on the survey, we are happy for them to do so, but would ask for credit to be given to Kalkan Turkish Local News, with a link back to KTLN placed on their website.

The KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020
Remember this article is all about the last survey we did in 2016.  If you want to complete the 2020 survey here is the link.

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