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Sunday, 07 June 2020 16:03

KTLN Archives: 1. KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016 - visitor demographics

KTLN Survey KTLN Survey

This report was originally published on KTLN in March 2016.

To get you in the mood for the KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020 we are republishing the analysis from our last survey in 2016.  Please see the links below.  Enjoy.

1. Visitor demographics - a profile of foreigners in Kalkan

Although we believe our survey sample is probably representative of most non-Turkish visitors to Kalkan, the following numbers and percentages relate to our survey sample only

In our analysis, we may extrapolate the data where we believe it makes sense.

We had 590 responses this year - more than last year.  Thank you if you took part.

Remember that many of our 590 respondents represent a household or group of people.  We estimate the total number of people represented is over 1,700. 

Some percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

We hope you have fun poring over the results of the survey.

KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020
The majority of people have been coming to Kalkan for many years, which confirms how much of a loyalty factor there is in Kalkan. 

First timers only make up 2% of respondents - slightly fewer than last year (3%).  


When were you last in Kalkan?

94% of respondents had been to Kalkan during the last 12 months.  This means that views expressed in this survey are given with the benefit of recent experience.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

A similar profile to last year.  Around 56% of our respondents walk, despite the hills (the same as last year).  Just over 28% rented a vehicle, compared to 26% in last year's survey.

62% of residents have their own transport (last year 68%).


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

How can we put this - let's just say Kalkan attracts the more mature individual.  People aged over 50 make up 86% of all respondents.  (2015 survey: 85%; 2010 survey: 64%)  Note the increase in the proportion of over 50s from 64% in our 2010 survey to 86% in this year's survey.  This should send a clear signal to businesses as to who their core customers are.  


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

Given the age profile, it is not surprising to see that 44% of visitors are retired.  The proportion of retired people is increasing year on year.  (2010 survey: 28%).


Your nationality

Here is a breakdown of those who took part in the survey:

Austria 1; Belgium 2; Canada 1; Germany 5; Guernsey 1; India 1; Ireland 4; Isle of Man 2; Netherlands 4; Norway 1; Poland 1; Russia 1; Sweden 1; Turkey 3; UAE 1; USA 4; Zimbabwe 1.

UK England 475 (81%)
UK Scotland 46 (8%)
UK Wales 25 (4%)
UK NI 11 (2%)

British people account for 94% of our survey sample.  This has stayed fairly constant since our first survey back in 2010.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

For around 95%, it's basic or nothing at all.  No real change on previous surveys.  For those foreigners who live here more than half a year, 24% claim to be fluent or have a good vocabulary.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

The distribution remains fairly constant year on year, with just over one third staying in the town centre.  The only significant change is in the huge Ortaalan area where there has been an increase from 11% to 17% over the last seven years.

If you are not familiar with the different areas of Kalkan, take a look at the map in our Kalkan Town Location Code page.


When in Kalkan, typically, how many people in total, are in your group/household?

58% of visitors are couples, (2010: 53%); 19% travel in a group of 4, (2010: 22%). Large groups of 6 or more have remained constant at around 8% over recent years.  Single travellers make up just 4% of visitors.


When in Kalkan, typically, how many people under the age of 16, are in your group/household?

89% of respondents had no children under 16 in their group.  (2010: 83%).


When in Kalkan, typically, how many people with significant mobility issues, are in your group/household?

We asked this question for the first time in 2013, and discovered that about 8% had significant mobility issues.  This year it's about the same.


Where do you consider your main residence to be?

Austria 2; Belgium 1; Canada 1; France 2; Germany 3; Guernsey 1; Isle of Man 2; Jersey 1; Malaysia 1; Netherlands 4; New Zealand 1; Norway 1; Poland 1; Russia 1; South Africa 1; Sweden 2; Turkey 35; UAE 1.

UK England 463 (79%)
UK Scotland 36 (6%)
UK Wales 18 (3%)
UK NI 12 (2%)

90% of respondents are based in the UK.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

When we started running our surveys back in 2010, quite a few people who were technically resident in Kalkan (i.e. living in Turkey for more than half a year), renewed their visa every 3 months, rather than obtaining residency.  That's not happening any more, due to the new 90/180 day visa rules which were introduced in February 2012.

All foreign residents now have formal residency permission compared to 82% in 2011, and just 30% in 2010. 


If applicable, for how many years has Kalkan been your main residence?

It seems that Kalkan really started to become a place to come and live in the last decade, and not much before.  Some 81% of foreign residents started living here within the last 10 years.


KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016

For those who are resident in Kalkan 54% have SGK cover; 27% have private health cover; 8% rely on travel insurance; 11% have no cover at all.

Looking at visitors only, (excluding residents), 88% take out travel insurance, 11% have other health insurance to cover them, whilst around 1% travel without any kind of health insurance.

More survey results:

  1. Visitor demographics - a profile of foreigners in Kalkan (published on Sunday 6th March)
  2. Coming to Kalkan - how you get here and where you stay (published on Monday 7th March)
  3. Property ownership (published on Tuesday 8th March)
  4. Your views on Kalkan (published on Wednesday 9th March)

The survey findings and analysis are subject to copyright, which belongs to Kalkan Turkish Local News.  However, we appreciate that people may want to discuss and comment upon the findings. 

We do not have a problem with individuals sharing this information, however we would respectfully ask that our work is not simply copied and pasted on to other websites.

If any other website wishes to comment or report on the survey, we are happy for them to do so, but would ask for credit to be given to Kalkan Turkish Local News, with a link back to KTLN placed on their website.

The KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020
Remember this article is all about the last survey we did in 2016.  If you want to complete the 2020 survey here is the link.

Click here to complete the KTLN Kalkan Survey 2020


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