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KTLN Archives: The Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016 Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

This report was originally published on KTLN on 31st May 2016.

Yesterday, 30th May we combined a KTLN members get together with the Great Kalkan Bake Off down at the harbour.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of cake.

The event was held at Seaport restaurant and owner Deniz reckons there were over a hundred people there.

In this report we bring you some photos of the day and tell you who were our star bakers.

Warning - this report contains images of mouth-watering cakes and desserts.  KTLN accepts no responsibility if you salivate on your computer keyboard.

It was a sunny day in Kalkan yesterday - perfect for everyone unless you were entering a cake competition and the heat was causing your vanilla meringue frosting to slide, or your fondant icing to misbehave.

Undeterred our bakers brought forth a bounty of cakes, cookies and desserts plus a few savouries to impress our judges Christine and Sally.

Kaş 4 Kids in Kalkan
Once the judges had finished sampling the sweets and savouries all of the food was cut into slices and everyone was invited to tuck in.  The food was free but people were invited to make a small donation to Kaş 4 Kids (Busy Bees), which without exception they did.

Thanks to these generous donations by KTLN readers Kaş 4 Kids will be able to do even more excellent work in our area.  You can read more about Kaş 4 Kids here:  KTLN report.

Exceptional standard
We think that anyone who came to our fun event yesterday will agree that the standard of food produced was exceptionally good.  We have some talented bakers in Kalkan.

Although this was badged as a baking competition we did open it up to all kinds of cakes, desserts and savouries, so technically not everything was baked.  But who cares!  It's all good.

The judges took their job seriously and after some deliberation came up with our winners.

Savoury section

  • Winner: Teresa St Clair - quiche with goats cheese, walnuts, bacon and honey.
  • Runner up - Beverley Jamieson - cheese, olive and sun-dried tomato loaf.

Cakes/desserts section

  • Winner - Helen Goodey - hazelnut latte cake.
  • Runner up - Wendy Desbrow - chilli chocolate cake

The judges also awarded a number of Highly Commended certificates.  Recipients included three junior bakers, Natasha, Katie and Ruby who wowed us with chocolate chip cookies and a marshmallow topped coca cola cake.

Below: The winning combination - front left is Teresa's quiche and front right is Helen's hazelnut latte cake.

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Below: A real showstopper of a cake by Beverley.

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Below: Very Vişne from Murray.

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Below: Another showstopper from runner up Wendy.
Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Below: Cookies from Natasha and Katie and a marshmallow topped coca cola cake from Ruby.  The large cake at the front is a salted caramel six layer chocolate cake from Teresa. 

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Below: Bottom right - runner up in the savoury section from Beverley; bottom left - scones from Jenny and top left - a strawberry and yoghurt bunt cake from Helen.

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Some thank yous
We would like to thank everyone who went to the trouble of creating such amazing food for us to eat yesterday.  What you delivered was a real treat.

Thanks also to all of the KTLN readers who turned up.  It was nice to put faces to KTLN User Names and good to be able to introduce members to each other.  Thanks for your generosity towards Kaş 4 Kids.

Finally a thank you to the people who helped on the day - Christine, Sally, Joules, Lynn, Sunshine Sue, Linda and Amanda, plus Deniz and his staff at Seaport for hosting our event.

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

Great Kalkan Bake Off 2016

[Editor's footnote:  Despite eating enough cake to sink a battleship yesterday the scales this morning show a slight loss of weight, which just goes to prove my theory that Kalkan calories are not the same as normal calories.  Looking forward to my 'take away' cake later today]. 


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