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Tuesday, 19 May 2020 12:28

Hey! How have you been doing?

So where were we?

I think the last time I published anything on here was 30th October 2018.  It's been a while.  I thought I would say hello and update you on a few things.

Firstly thank you for all the messages that keep popping in to my inbox as KTLN editor.  I'm not getting quite the level of messages that I used to but it's nice to hear from you.

The next thing I should say is that although I miss writing KTLN I have been enjoying retirement.  I do sometimes get asked if KTLN is coming back and the short answer to that is no.  The old KTLN won't be returning however I have had a few ideas about things I can do to bring Kalkan to KTLN readers. 

I am working on something that I hope to try out later this year.  Watch this space.

Time to Reminisce
In the meantime I have been spending time going through some old KTLN stories and photos.  Everything I published is archived. 

During these exceptional times when we are unable to enjoy Kalkan I thought it might be nice to revisit some of those stories so I am planning to bring some of the more interesting news stories and images to you through the KTLN You Tube page and also via the KTLN Facebook page.  I know it's not the same as being here but we can at least reminisce.

If you want to see all KTLN videos and be alerted to the new ones that I will be publishing please subscribe to the KTLN You Tube page and like the KTLN Facebook page.  That way you won't miss a thing.

There are lots of videos already on You Tube including Kalkan Drive; Kalkan On the Water - Boat Trip; Kalkan Harbour and many more.

The main Kalkan Turkish Local News web site is still there but with a very limited content.  On the home page you can still find links to Kalkan Weather; the GBP v TRY exchange rate, plus we still have our interactive Map of Kalkan that enables you to search for specific streets and roads in Kalkan.

History of Kalkan
When I signed off in October 2018 I told you that I was researching for a book I plan to write on the modern history of Kalkan - the last 150 years or so.  I want to update you on this project.

My research has been going well but for all sorts of reasons I was deflected from spending as much time as I wanted on the project.  All the research done so far is safely filed.  In these uncertain times I am not going to put pressure on myself by announcing a timescale for publication but you can be sure that I do fully intend to publish the book one day.  Everyone who has contacted me to express an interest in the book please be assured that I have your contact details and I will be in touch in due course.

Stay Safe - Güvende ol
Wherever you are I hope that you remain safe and well. 

To all the business people of Kalkan - we miss you and sincerely hope you make it through this enforced shutdown. 

And to everyone waiting to return to Kalkan let's hope that day comes as soon as possible.  We're going to have to organise one heck of a party when this is all over.

Best wishes.



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