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Kalkan Turkish Local News
Your window on Kalkan Turkey
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 00:00

A history of Kalkan - the book wot I am writing

Church bell Kalkan Church bell Kalkan

This is a shameless plug for a book that has yet to be written.

The retiring editor of Kalkan Turkish Local News is about to dust off his Kalkan history folders, which have been languishing untouched for far too long, with the aim of finishing off the job, and ultimately producing a book.  

It will cover Kalkan and the surrounding area - probably as far as Kaş and Meis in one direction and as far as Xanthos in the other direction.

The intended publication will focus mostly on modern history - the last one hundred years or so, with some references to earlier periods.  It will in parts reflect the experiences of local people - some of whom have already been interviewed and some who have yet to be interviewed.  In this respect it is intended to draw upon, and be an amalgamation of real life experiences and handed down stories rather than simply being a dry list of events and dates.

Kalkan harbour

Realistically I think publication will be somewhere around Spring 2020.  If you wish to be notified when the book is available you can register your interest now, through KTLN before the web site is retired on 31st October 2018.

Registering an interest puts you under no obligation to buy anything.  You will simply receive an email in due course explaining how to get a copy of the book if you want one.

I do have the email addresses of all KTLN members but I gave a promise not to use those addresses for marketing of any kind, so you need to tell me if you wish to be contacted.  I won’t be mass mailing KTLN members.

To register your interest please send a message: Contact KTLN

If you have connections with Kalkan going back to the twentieth century and have information or stories that I could potentially use in the book click here to send me a message.

Best wishes.



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Your window on Kalkan Turkey

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