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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 00:00

Tour operators prepare for new regulations from 1 November 2018

Transport - transfers and tours Transport - transfers and tours

New regulations from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will come in to effect on 1st November 2018. 

The regulations apply to a range of transportation businesses but in this report we focus on businesses that provide passenger transport services, such as airport transfers, day trips and tours.

These new rules were announced at the start of this year.  Over recent months the authorities and representatives from tour operator associations have been working on implementation plans.

Transportation Electronic Monitoring & Control System (U-ETDS)
The new regulations are part of the Transportation Electronic Monitoring & Control System (Ulaştırma Elektronik Takip ve Denetim Sistemi) - also known as U-ETDS.

U-ETDS requires businesses involved in tourism related transport services to provide certain details to the authorities.  Specifically they will submit the following details for all planned road journeys:

- Transport company name
- Car registration number
- Driver details
- Passenger names
- Passenger passport numbers or TC/kimlik numbers

The regulations apply not just to airport transfers but to all planned trips and tours.  Tour operators must submit the required information at least one hour before the planned journey, so you can expect them to ask for your personal details well in advance.  They won’t want to leave it to the last minute.

Police undertake routine spot checks on Turkish roads and if tour operators have not provided the correct details to the authorities they can be penalised.  In the worst cases persistent offenders may have their licence to operate revoked.

Airport transfers

We understand that this new regulation is ostensibly being introduced for security reasons but it will also make it more difficult for businesses who are not properly registered to operate.

Tour operators must be registered with the Ministry of Transport to provide passenger services.  They require an A1 certificate to operate cars and a D2 certificate to operate minibuses.  They should also be registered with TURSAB.

If you want to check if a tour/travel company in Kalkan or Kaş is TURSAB registered click on the following link to make a search.  Where it says City, select Antalya.  In the Keyword section type in Kaş.  Search TURSAB here

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