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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 01:01

A new airport in Istanbul plus other news on flights between UK and Turkey

Istanbul Airport Istanbul Airport

We have a few items of news that we are bundling together on the subject of flights between the UK and Turkey.

The UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated it’s travel advice page today, 3rd October 2018. 

New Istanbul airport opens
The FCO travel advice page reminds us that the new third international airport in Istanbul is due to open on Monday 29th October, which happens to be Republic Day - the date on which the Republic of Turkey was founded by Atatürk in 1923.

The update says “On 29th October the new airport in Istanbul is due to open with flights transferring from the existing Ataturk airport between 29 and 31 October”.

“During the transition period, flights are expected to operate simultaneously from both airports. You should allow sufficient time for check in, transfers to onward destinations and for potential transfer between the two airports.  If you have any questions regarding your flight you should contact your airline for information.”

Below: Images of the new airport in Istanbul.

New Istanbul Airport

New Istanbul Airport

Images sourced from

Additional cabin restrictions lifted
Restrictions on carrying large electronic devices in the aircraft cabin on flights departing from Turkey to the UK, have now been lifted.  Most flight operators had already removed these additional restrictions but now all operators have dropped these security requirements.

Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Also please note that if you are flying between the UK and Turkey on Sunday 28th October the clocks go back at 02.00 in the UK but clocks in Turkey stay the same.  The time difference between the UK and Turkey shifts from two to three hours.  If you are arranging an airport transfer you may want to double check your times.

National public holiday
Finally, just a reminder that Republic Day is a national public holiday in Turkey and all banks and many government offices will be closed all day on Monday 29th October.


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