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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 00:00

Kurban Bayram in Kalkan 2018

Istanbul Skyline Istanbul Skyline Photo by nurhan on Unsplash

Coming up soon is a Turkish national holiday - Kurban Bayram.

Preparations for the formal religious celebrations begin on Monday 20th August, (the eve of Bayram).  Kurban Bayram is also referred to as the Festival of Sacrifice, or sometimes the Baqri Eid (cow festival), and in some countries it is known as Eid al Adha.  It's the most important religious festival in the Islamic calendar.

The festival commemorates the Islamic prophet Ibrahim sacrificing a ram in place of his son Ismael, as an act of obedience to God.

As it is a public holiday (and an extended one at that) you will find that many Turkish people will be travelling to visit family and friends, so the roads will be exceptionally busy.  Traffic and parking in Kalkan will be utter pandemonium so take extra car if driving.

At Kurban Bayram it is traditional for followers to wear their finest clothes as they attend prayer meetings.  Those who can afford to do so will sacrifice an animal - usually a goat or cow or sheep.  Importantly, the Goats - Kurban Bayrammeat will be shared, and in particular consideration is given at this time to those who are less well off.  In the days leading up to Bayram, you may see animals being transported around town and being sold.

In modern Turkey, some people will give money to the less well off rather than slaughter an animal.

Banks and post office (PTT)
All the banks and the PTT will be closed as follows:

  • Monday 20th August - closed half day (from lunch time)
  • Tuesday 21st August - closed all day
  • Wednesday 22nd August - closed all day
  • Thursday 23rd August - closed all day
  • Friday 24th August- closed all day
  • Monday 27th August - reopen as normal

Public (government) offices
For the third consecutive year the holiday has been slightly extended for many public workers by order of the Turkish government in order to boost domestic tourism. 

The official public holiday would normally take place over 4 days (21st to 24th August) but by making the day before Kurban Bayram (20th August) a public holiday and by including weekends before and after, many Turkish citizens will be able to enjoy a holiday of 9 consecutive days. 

This directive applies to the medical centre in Kalkan, which will close at the end of day on Friday 17th August and reopen on Monday 27th August.  In an emergency you should call 112.  The nearest A&E hospital is on the road to Kaş.  Chemist shops will open normal hours.

We believe that most supermarkets and shops will stay open as usual.  (Bim and A101 may close for a short period).  Petrol stations never close. 

Be aware of ATM scams
The banks will be stocking up their ATMs, so you should not run out of cash. 

However, it is perhaps a good time to remind KTLN readers to be wary of strangers loitering near ATMs and offering their help.  Criminals like to carry out ATM card fraud at times when the banks are closed - especially on bank holidays.  Sadly this kind of theft happens in Kalkan from time to time.

İyi Bayramlar
At this time of celebrations you may want to wish people a happy holiday, which in Turkish is "İyi Bayramlar".

Enjoy the holiday.



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