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Monday, 11 June 2018 08:58

Change to Kalkan taxi prices

Kalkan taxi Kalkan taxi

On 9th March 2018 KTLN reported how taxi prices in Kalkan were not increasing this year.  But with inflation persistently in double figures (May 2018 - 12.15%) and the exchange rate worsening, leading to a massive increase in fuel costs, the taxi driver co-operative has decided that fares must go up.

In this report we tell you what the new fares will be.  They are now fixed prices determined by where you are travelling to, rather than being metered charges.

If you want to see how fares were calculated before please read the KTLN report published in March.

The overall effect will be to slightly increase fares, but given the current exchange rate of around 6 TL to the pound the cost to tourists will hardly be noticed.  As we publish this report a taxi from town to Yelken Cafe would cost 15TL which at an exchange rate of 6TL to the pound is just £2.50.

Here are the fixed prices (sabit fiyatlar) that come into effect today,  Monday 11th June 2018

Location Price (TL)
Short journey (minimum charge) 15
Akbel 20
Bezirgan Road / Akbel junction 15
Bezirgan Road before cistern (Sarnıçbaşı) 20
Bezirgan Road to cistern (Sarnıçbaşı) 25
Bezirgan Road after cistern (Sarnıçbaşı) 30
Club Patara / Kömürlük 15
Kalamar up to Yelken Cafe 15
Kalamar after Yelken Cafe 20
Kışla /after Club Patara 20
Kızıltaş 15
La Vanta 25
Ortaalan (first school surrounding area) 15

Please note that you may find that the taxi drivers will have the meter running however this no longer determines the charge to be applied.  Any reading on the meter should be ignored.

Also please be aware that there is now a minimum charge of 15TL for any taxi journey.  The taxi drivers call this the "indi bindi" rate - or the rate for very short journeys.

Prices are from Kalkan town - normally the taxi rank or harbour area, and of course they also apply in reverse - i.e. from the places listed into town.

For information, we are told that taxi prices in nearby Kaş are also switching to this method of fixed pricing.

Here is a map of Kalkan showing the different areas of town.

KTLN Kalkan map

Longer journeys
If you are travelling further afield here are some prices for certain destinations outside Kalkan.

Destination One Way (TL) Return (TL) Destination One Way (TL) Return (TL)
Antalya 495 n/a Letoon 100 140
Dalaman 270 n/a Myra 180 270
Elmalı 180 260 Ölüdeniz 200 290
Fethiye 180 260 Olympos 310 370
Islamlar * 50 80 Patara 80 140
Kaputaş 40 n/a Saklıkent 160 200
Kaş 100 170 Tlos 160 220
Kekova 180 260 Xanthos 80 130

* Before Islamlar restaurants 40 TL one way.

Booking a taxi
You can book a taxi via the taxi rank using the main phone number 0242 844 3100.  Alternatively you can book your preferred taxi driver directly.

You can see details of these charges at the Kalkan taxi rank.



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  • Comment Link John Fedorowycz Monday, 25 June 2018 08:42 posted by John Fedorowycz

    Hi Richard. Updated with fares for some longer distance journeys.

  • Comment Link Richard Turner Saturday, 23 June 2018 01:32 posted by Richard Turner

    * Hi Katie Ellen
    First time on new site but looks good.
    Can you get an internet list of the actual taxi fares (as featured on the boards) such as Kas, Berzigan etc or have we not got that info yet

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