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Kalkan News

Something interesting happened on 8th June 2018, just a few weeks before the national elections were held here in Turkey. 

The Turkish government introduced legislation to allow property owners without the necessary habitation certificates (known as an ‘iskan’) to apply for an alternative type of retrospective permission called a Yapı Kayıt Belgesi (Building Registration Certificate).

A cut to the water supply in Kalkan is already upon us but we have learned that the water company ASAT are working on a burst pipe somewhere near Saklıkent.  Work is ongoing and we are informed that the supply should be restored by 10.00 on Saturday 18th August.

We understand that all areas of Kalkan are affected.

Electricity alert:  CLK Akdeniz Enerji has announced that the local power supply is going to be switched off whilst essential work is undertaken on the network. 

Rather unhelpfully the company has started to publish details of what we believe are Kalkan power outages without actually mentioning the word ‘Kalkan’.  They simply refer to them as being within the Antalya Kaş district.  However looking at the places mentioned we believe that the following notices are relevant to our area.

A KTLN readers is unable to come on holiday to Kalkan this September as planned and is offering to sell her flight tickets at a discounted price.

The return tickets for two travellers are booked with Thomas Cook.  Details as follows:

It's short notice but we have learned that the water company ASAT have cut the water tonight in preparation for urgent repairs that must be carried out on the supply network.

The water will be off all day tomorrow, Tuesday 14th August, but should be back on by Wednesday. All areas of Kalkan are expected to be affected.

Before the tourist season in Kalkan got underway this year a project was launched to help the environment.  It’s called We Support Eco Kalkan (WSEK) and you can read all about it here

In brief 90 restaurants, cafes and bars in Kalkan agreed to do their bit to improve the environment by reducing the amount of single use plastics and also by agreeing to separate waste for recycling.

Belediye workmen have been busy over recent days installing brand new shiny plastic bollards to prevent parking in dangerous areas.

Of course it makes sense to deter drivers from leaving their vehicles in places where they will cause problems for other road users so this is a sensible move.

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 00:00

Kurban Bayram in Kalkan 2018

Coming up soon is a Turkish national holiday - Kurban Bayram.

Preparations for the formal religious celebrations begin on Monday 20th August, (the eve of Bayram).  Kurban Bayram is also referred to as the Festival of Sacrifice, or sometimes the Baqri Eid (cow festival), and in some countries it is known as Eid al Adha.  It's the most important religious festival in the Islamic calendar.

The much enjoyed open air cinema down at Indigo Beach Club is back after a short break.

This Thursday sees the screening of the classic 1980 film The Blues Brothers.

In many ways Kalkan exists in a kind of bubble.  When you’re here you can pretty much forget your day to day concerns and relax and enjoy your holiday.

But the economy affects all of us - visitors, expats and especially our Turkish friends and neighbours.  And the Turkish economy is not doing well at the moment.  In this article we look at what this means for those of us in Kalkan.  KTLN has spoken to local businesses, holiday companies and bank managers. 

Local photographer Alican Akcol is about to hold an exhibition of some of his work.

It's being held at Coast Tapas & Grill restaurant on Süleyman Yılmaz Caddesi in Kalkan old town and opens on Wednesday 8th August at 18.00.

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