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Kalkan News

Towards the end of this month Kaş Belediye is organising a number of events under the banner of the International Kaş Lycian Art & Culture Festival.

This is the 21st time it has been held.  This time it’s over three days - starting on Friday 29th June and ending on Sunday 1st July.

A group of 56 suspected illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan were detained by the Kalkan Coast Guard at Gerenlik Beach yesterday Tuesday 19th June. 

This is the mud bath beach visited by many Kalkan day trip boats that lies between Fırnaz Bay and Patara.

Saturday, 16 June 2018 07:30

KAPSA Car Boot Sale - Sunday 17th June

Probably a first for Kalkan, KAPSA is holding a car boot sale at the market area (off Karayolları Sokak) this Sunday 17th June, starting at 17.00.

If you want to bring your car and sell things the entrance fee is 20TL.  All proceeds go towards the good work that KAPSA does for street animals.

The Kalkan Culture House is organising an event next week.  On Wednesday 20th June starting at 20.30 two guest speakers will be at the Kalkan School amphitheatre.

They are the famous Turkish writer Birol Ganioğlu (below left) who will give a talk in Turkish and English on the fascinating history of the Lycian region.

Here is a date for your diary.

Saturday 15th September is the date chosen for this year’s Mouse Island Swim.

This is where a group of people are taken by boat to Mouse Island from where they swim back to Kalkan town beach - a distance of around 6 kilometres, depending on where the currents take them.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 01:57

Kalkan fan Betty Johnson dies aged 65

Betty JohnsonIt is with great sadness that we report the death of Kalkan enthusiast Betty Johnson who passed away suddenly in hospital on Friday 25 May following a short illness.  She was 65 years old.

Betty lived in Raunds, Northamptonshire, but her second home, or her “happy place” as she called it, was Kalkan.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 07:59

Passports required for daily boat trips

In Turkey there is a legal requirement to carry identification.  Turkish citizens carry an ID card.  Foreigners are expected to carry passports.

Anecdotally we know that some visitors tend not to carry a passport around Kalkan town because they are concerned about losing such a valuable document.  However one place that you must definitely have your passport is if you go on a boat trip.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 05:22

Şeker Bayram in Kalkan 2018

Ramazan - a month long period of fasting in the Islamic calendar, ends on Thursday 14th June.

It is followed by a 3 day national holiday called Şeker Bayram, which this year is from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th June.  You will normally see people starting to prepare for Şeker Bayram the day before - this year that's Thursday 14th June.

Monday, 11 June 2018 08:58

Change to Kalkan taxi prices

On 9th March 2018 KTLN reported how taxi prices in Kalkan were not increasing this year.  But with inflation persistently in double figures (May 2018 - 12.15%) and the exchange rate worsening, leading to a massive increase in fuel costs, the taxi driver co-operative has decided that fares must go up.

In this report we tell you what the new fares will be.  They are now fixed prices determined by where you are travelling to, rather than being metered charges.

A group of painters from the UK (the artistic variety, not decorators) will be visiting Kalkan this week to paint “en plein air” in Kalkan town and surrounding areas.  They are inviting any local painters to join them during their stay.  

Paint for the day or just an hour or so; join them for dinner, afternoon tea or a drink at the Courtyard Kalkan where they have “base camp” whenever you have the time.  

It’s an opportunity for creative people to work together, compare techniques, learn from one another and have fun.

Sunday, 10 June 2018 08:53

Gratis shop opens today in Kalkan

Good news for those who want more choice when buying toiletries.  A new Gratis shop opens today in Kalkan.

They opened their doors for the first time at 10.30 this morning.

The shop is located on Şehitler Caddesi and is between Lime Bar and the bakery.

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