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Kalkan Turkish Local News
Your window on Kalkan Turkey
Saturday, 08 September 2018 11:30

Map of Kalkan Tutorial: How to get the most out of this resource

Map of Kalkan Map of Kalkan

This article explains how you can get the most out of this useful resource - the KTLN Map of Kalkan, incorporating Kalkan Town Location Codes (KTLC). 

If you want to know how it works and how it can help you find your way around Kalkan this is the place to find out.


1. Grid segments - how the Map of Kalkan is displayed

Our map is set out in a simple grid format that is colour coded to reflect the different areas of Kalkan.

There are six columns - labelled A to F, and twelve rows labelled 1 to 12.  We refer to individual segments by a combination of the column letter and the row number - A1, A2, A3 etc.

When you are on the Kalkan Map Home Page you can click on a segment to get more detailed information of street names and also the Kalkan Town Location Codes (KTLC).

Kalkan Map

Of the 72 squares, only 38 contain location codes.  The remaining squares are either the sea, or land where there is little or no property.  Where there are no location codes, we do not provide a more detailed map. 


2. What do the detailed map segments show?

Here is an example.  This is segment D4 in the Ortaalan part of Kalkan.

Segment D4

The map shows road names such as Demokrasi Caddesi and Hurriyet Caddesi.  It shows certain important buildings, for example the school and the Belediye office (centre right).

You can also see the outline of some (but not all) buildings and if you look carefully you can see plot numbers.

This is an interesting segment to look at as it shows a feature that is planned but that has not actually been done yet - a mini roundabout at the end of the Thursday market street (where Demokrasi Caddesi meets Şehitler Caddesi).

You will also notice several codes beginning with the letters OA.  These are Kalkan Town Location Codes or KTLCs.

To help you navigate around the map you can easily move to an adjacent segment.  By clicking on the side of an individual segmented map you can move up, down, left or right to the next one.  The following image indicates where you should click to move to the next segment.

Interactive map segments

In addition to the map itself, below the map you will find a list of all the road/street names for that segment plus all the relevant KTLCs.


3. What are KTLCs?

KTLC stands for Kalkan Town Location Code.  These are a set of unique codes developed by KTLN which act like a post code or zip code.

The purpose of these codes is to help people find places in Kalkan, more easily.  Later in this article we will explain how you can use them.

We should point out that this is not an official government scheme, nor is it compulsory.  It is a local initiative from Kalkan Turkish Local News and it is up to individuals to decide if they wish to use this system, or not.

Kalkan does have an official post code that applies to the whole town, which is 07960.  Our location code in no way replaces this.  You should still use the official post code in correspondence.

The KTLC format explained
The format of the code is in four parts: There are two primary letters and a number, followed by a secondary letter and number.  For example, KZ29T12.

Part 1 – 2 characters: (KZ29T12)
These two characters represent the area or district of Kalkan.  Here is the list of possible characters, and what they mean.  Köyiçi means 'in the village' - it's the old town centre.


Street SignPart 2 – a number: (KZ29T12)
This number reflects the road/street number close to the property, and is derived from the road/street number appearing on official town plans. 
These numbers also appear on signs across town, where they are preceded by the letters ‘TN’.

For example, Selvi Sokak is TN: 64, and Istiklal Caddesi is TN: 8.

Part 3 – a character: (KZ29T12)
This is a randomly generated character, which when combined with other parts of the code, will provide a unique number.  Generally speaking, characters closer to the start of the alphabet, are closer to the sea. 

Characters used are: A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; J; K; L; M; N; P; R; S; T; U; V; Y & Z.

Excluded characters are: I; O; Q; W & X, plus Turkish characters Ç; Ğ; I; İ; Ö; Ş & Ü.

Part 4 – a number (KZ9T12)
This is a randomly generated number, of 1 or 2 digits, which when combined with other parts of the code, will provide a unique number.

This location code is intended to be used in conjunction with an existing address.  It is not meant to stand alone, as an alternative.  The address plus the code, can be used to more easily identify the location of a property.


4. How to use the map

There are a few ways to use this map.

You can just browse the map pages and familiarise yourself with different areas of Kalkan.  But you can get so much more out of our map.  You can search for specific KTLCs (like post codes), and you can search for specific roads and streets.  Below we explain how.

A. Just curious 
You can go to the Kalkan Map Home Page and simply click on different segments of the map and take a look at the detail.  Browse away.

B. Looking for a specific KTLC
You have been given a KTLC and you want to find where it is in Kalkan.  This could have been given to you by a business or by a villa or apartment owner to help you find out exactly where they are.

All you have to do is type the KTLC in the search box in the top right corner of the KTLN web site.  (The search box can be opened by clicking on the magnifying glass).  The search results will list pages on the KTLN site that contain that KTLC.  You will find the relevant Map of Kalkan segment at the top of the list - simply click on it to see the detailed map.

To get the most accurate search results type in the KTLC with no gap in the middle - for example, search for KZ9T12 rather than KZ9  T12.

Search the KTLN site

C. Looking for a road or street 
If you know the name of the road or street you are looking for simply type in the full name into the search box in the top right corner of the KTLN web site.  (The search box can be opened by clicking on the magnifying glass). 

The search results page will list all of the KTLN pages where the road/street name has been found.  Note that some of the longer roads and streets can appear in more than one map segment.


5. Who can use the Map of Kalkan?

Everyone, who has access to a computer or smart phone.  There is no charge for using it.


6. Where can the Map of Kalkan be found?

In the top menu you will see Map of Kalkan.  The first article you will see is the Map of Kalkan Home Page.


7. Places outside the scope of this map?

We have to draw the line somewhere.  Our system is based upon the town plan for Kalkan, so it is not possible to extend the scope at the current time. For example, Ulugöl, Kördere and La Vanta are not included.


8. Copyright

Copyright for the town plan map is held by the Kaş Belediye Planning Department.  We have permission to use this on KTLN.  Copyright for the Kalkan Town Location Codes belongs to Kalkan Turkish Local News.  We would respectfully ask you not to republish any images or details without our permission.  Information contained in our map pages (and more generally on the KTLN web site) is intended for personal use only.


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