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Transport (6)

Kalkan bus station (otogar) can be found just off Şehitler Caddesi close to the petrol station by the D400 traffic lights.

The vast majority of people who come to Kalkan fly here via Dalaman airport - more than 90% of you according to KTLN surveys.

Most flights are more or less on time, but occasionally there can be delays.  Where your flight is cancelled or delayed you have certain rights, and in this article we tell you what they are.  We also provide advice on how to make a claim.

Monday, 25 June 2018 08:42

Kalkan taxi prices 2018

On 9th March 2018 KTLN reported how taxi prices in Kalkan were not increasing this year.  But with inflation persistently in double figures and the exchange rate worsening, leading to a massive increase in fuel costs, the taxi driver co-operative decided in June 2018 that fares must go up.  They moved to fixed pricing rather than metered charges.

Now, two months later (August 2018) they have decided that certain fares will have to increase further. On the positive side local taxi fares are staying the same, but fares for destinations outside Kalkan are increasing.  The taxi co-operative is now showing prices in GBP as well as Turkish lira.

Tuesday, 05 June 2018 08:12

KTLN Guide: Turkish driving licence

This guide, originally published in January 2013, is intended for British citizens who wish to drive a car, or ride a motorbike/scooter in Turkey. 

Foreign residents from other countries may also find this guide useful, however our research has a 'UK citizen' focus.

In this guide, we tell you if you may need a Turkish driving licence, and if you decide that you do, how to get one.

We assume that you already hold a current UK photo ID driving licence.  Where we say in this article "UK licence" - that is what we are referring to.

Tuesday, 05 June 2018 07:27

Turkish rules of the road

Can I drive a car on my UK licence?
If you visit Turkey on a tourist visa yes you can.  So you can hire a car or even bring your own car over temporarily and drive on your full UK licence (not a provisional licence). 

If you are a resident and you live here more than 6 months of the year you need to exchange your UK licence for a Turkish one.  It's a subject that we cover in more detail in this article: KTLN Guide: Turkish Driving Licence.

On a related matter, have you checked when your UK driving licence expires?  A UK licence is normally valid up to your 70th birthday, at which point it is necessary to submit an application to renew your licence.  The DVLA will write to you 90 days before your 70th birthday to remind you.

Directions to Kalkan from Dalaman Airport 
This article was updated in May 2018.

Here is a link to Google maps, showing the journey from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan: Google Maps Link

Your journey should take no more than 1 hour 30 minutes.  It's about 126 kilometres.

Below, we provide you with directions, but first, here is a table of places you will pass along the way, together with how far you have travelled (in kilometres), starting from the international airport terminal building.