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Sunday, 01 April 2018 10:40

Another eco friendly step as Kalkan gets its first milkman

Milkman Milkman

Remember the days when you would hear the rattling of the milk bottles in their crates as the milkman did his early morning round?  Well that is soon to become a familiar sound in Kalkan thanks to a couple of local entrepreneurs.

We are living in times when a number of retro ideas are making a welcome return.  Back in the day you would get a local grocer's van or the milkman coming down your street.  The 21st century equivalent of this is the supermarket home delivery service, which has become popular with lots of people in the UK.  Having the retailer deliver rather than lots of customers getting into their cars to go to the shops makes sense.

Semih Sekim a young farmer from nearby Palamut and his neighbour Ömer Genize have concluded that there is a significant demand for home deliveries in Kalkan and they intend to meet that demand by selling produce from local farms.  We think it's a 24 carat gold top idea.

Semih and Ömer's business is called Mutlu Sütçü - which translates as the Happy Milkman. 

Below: Whey to go!  Mutlu Sütçü - the Happy Milkman delivering in Kalkan old town.


Photo courtesy of Alan Homersham.

As well as delivering milk Semih and Ömer will also have other dairy products such as butter, cheese, ayran and yoghurt, as well as eggs, black pudding, olive oil and seasonal fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm.

One udder thing - ruminant has it they will collect the empties, so glass milk bottles will be reused.  That’s a big tick in the eco-friendly dairy box.

We spoke to one happy customer, a lady known as Sue.  She lives all alone in Lindley Sokak, at number 22.  She said the milk was good for her, it's organic, fresh and cheap.  And Semih gets his cocoa there three times every week. 

Now Semih has a rival, a local businessman, called Simit Samet from Saklikent and he drives a baker's van.  But more of him in another article.

If you wish to become a customer of the Happy Milkman you can find contact details here in the KTLN Business Directory.  Or just stop the milk float if you see it going pasture door.



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P.S. Thanks Alan.