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Sunday, 10 September 2017 08:20

Alper Bektaş - owner of Ege Rentals

Alper Bektaş - owner of Ege Rentals Alper Bektaş - owner of Ege Rentals

Name / Adınız Soyadiniz

Alper Bektaş

Occupation / Mesleğiniz
Owner of Ege Rentals (cars, scooters and mountain bikes plus airport transfers and tours).

Originally from / Doğum yeriniz
A small village called Çayköy a short drive from Kalkan.

Family / Evlimisiniz ve çocuğunuz varmi
Happily married to Şerife with two boys Ege and Emir.  I come from a large family; there were seven of us - four boys and three girls.

What time do you get up? / Saat kaçta uyanırsınız
Normally I am up at around 07.00.

What’s for breakfast? / Kahvaltıda ne seversiniz
I prefer to have Turkish breakfast and maybe çay. 

What time do you start work? / Saat kaçta çalışmaya başlarsiniz
I get to my office on Kalamar Road by 08.00.  My office is not too far away from home.

What time do you stop work? / Saat kaçta işiniz biter

I close my shop at 22.00 but in the main tourist season I am always available on my mobile phone.

Tell us something about your background and your working life. / Lütfen biraz bilgi söylermisiniz kendi arka plan yaşamınız ve çalışma hayatınız ile ilgili.
I was brought up in the nearby village of Çayköy.  When I was 13 I went to Izmir for my education.  I was able to live with relatives there.  It opened my eyes to a new world; quite different from village life and I knew then that I wanted to make a life for myself outside the village. 

My first work was at a hotel in Kaş for a few months.  Then my brother who was working at Yelken Hotel on Kalamar Road helped me to get a job there and I started out cleaning the pool and doing different jobs.  (See image above).  I began to learn English.  I worked there for four years and then had to go away to do my national service.  When I returned in 2006 I worked at Kaya restaurant which had been started by my brother Erol and his business partner.  I worked there as a waiter.

In 2010 I married my lovely wife Şerife.  I enjoyed working at Kaya and met so many brilliant people but I found the working hours in a restaurant left little time for family life so I was keen to find another way of earning a living.  It was at that time that I had some good advice from friends I had met in Kaya.  They were regular visitors to Kalkan and I explained how I was looking to start my own business.  We discussed my plans and they were very supportive.  With their help and advice I started Ege Rentals in 2013. 

What’s the best thing about your job? / Yaptiniz işte en sevdiği şey nedir
I love many things about my job.  Being my own boss, meeting people and making new friends, and providing good customer service is very rewarding for me.  And the working hours are better than working in a restaurant! 

Describe a typical day / Bir gününüzün nasıl geçtini anlatir misiniz
Most of the day I have to be in my office because that is where people would expect to find me.  If I am not in the office I could be visiting customers to maybe deliver a car somewhere.  I can’t venture too far away in the main tourist season.  There are forms to complete, phone calls to make, trips to arrange so there is always something to do.  I may take the occasional break and I enjoy relaxing at home after the office has closed.

Do the seasons make a difference with your work? If so, how? / Yazın işinizde değişiklik oluyormu? Oluyorsa anlatın?
My business is open all year round but April to October is our busy time.  Out of the main season I can get to relax more and spend time with my family, which is important to me. 

Sometimes out of season I will visit Istanbul looking to buy cars.  When I go I always have a mechanic with me who knows exactly what to look for.  You have to be so careful buying cars and scooters. 

What makes you happy? / Sizi en çok ne mutlu eder
I love my family - they make me very happy.  I also love nature and animals.  And of course I love Kalkan.  It’s just the best place to live and work.

If you were not doing this job, what else would you like to do? / Şu anki yaptiğiniz işi yapmıyor olsaydiniz ne iş yapmek isterdiniz
That’s a difficult question because I enjoy what I do now.  When I was much younger I wanted to play professional football but I think that was more of a dream than anything serious.

What music do you like to listen to? / Hangi müziği dinlemeyi seviyorsunuz
I love Turkish pop music - Tarkan is a favourite.  I also like western/European music and I am a big fan of Rihanna.

If you could meet anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be, and why? / Eğer dünyada yaşayan yada yaşamayan herhangi biriyle tanışmanız mümkün olsaydı onun kim olmasını isterdiniz?
Without hesitation I would say Atatürk.  He was a very smart person and I love his ideas. 

[Editor: Many Turkish people answer “Atatürk” to this question, so I always ask for another person].

Another person I would like to meet is David Beckham because he comes across as a really nice person.  He is always smart and is so successful at the things he does, not just football.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know. / Kendinizle ilgili bir çok insanın bilmediği bir şeyi anlatırmısınız
When I was 16 years old I decided to run away from home without telling my parents.  I went all the way to Kaş where I worked in a hotel.  I didn’t literally run, a friend picked me up at 05.00 in the morning when everyone else was asleep and took me to Kaş on his motorbike.  At first my parents were angry and concerned but I told them I was working hard and that I would send all my wages home to the family.  They were not so angry any more.

Another thing that people may not know about me is that when I am at home I enjoy cooking.  Mostly I prefer to make traditional Turkish food.

Anything else / Başka her hangi birşey
I wish all KTLN readers a wonderful time in Kalkan.  Come back and see us again soon.