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Saturday, 07 April 2018 06:58

We Support Eco Kalkan (WSEK) project 2018


This article explains about the 2018 “We Support Eco Kalkan” (WSEK) project.

There are two strands to the project: individuals and businesses.  The action for individuals was outlined in a KTLN article dated 2018 entitled Eco-friendly Kalkan: Recycling and reducing single use plastic

The business focus this year is on restaurants, cafes and bars.  This article reflects a presentation that was given to many restaurants, cafes and bars prior to the start of the tourist season.  

Not every business owner has been here in Kalkan over recent weeks so we contacted as many as we could and invited them to sign up.  As we publish this article (7th April 2018) the number we managed to speak to was 65 businesses.  The vast majority get it and are on board.

The project also has a Turkish name: “Çevre Dostu Kalkan Girişimini Destekliyoruz” (ÇDKGD) which translates as “We support the Environment Friendly Kalkan Initiative”.  You may see references around town to both the English and Turkish names.

Eco Kalkan - What is it?

Eco Kalkan is all about protecting and improving our environment.  It is:

  • An aim
  • A concept
  • A challenge
  • A conviction
  • A movement 
  • A way of living
  • A focus for action
  • An ethical imperative
  • A call to respect nature
  • A promise for our children
  • An ecological statement of intent

Action for 2018

1.Restaurants, Cafes & Bars and the “We Support Eco Kalkan” (WSEK) initiative

  • Glass bottles returned to suppliers where possible
  • Other glass, plastic, paper/card and metal separated and sent for recycling
  • Significant reduction in level of single use plastics
  • Cooking oil disposed of responsibly


  • Always refuse single use plastics, (bottles, straws, stirrers etc)
  • Provide feedback on WSEK businesses
  • Encourage businesses to behave in an eco-responsible way
  • Glass bottles returned to shops where appropriate (e.g. Efes beer bottles)
  • Other glass, plastic, paper/card and metal separated and recycled

Recycling point 

The “We Support Eco Kalkan” Initiative for Restaurants Cafes & Bars

  • WSEK participation is entirely voluntary.
  • Those who meet a minimum number of defined standards will get a certificate to display on business premises.  See example below.
  • Kalkan customers are “eco-aware” so doing this will be good for business.
  • It’s good for Kalkan’s reputation and may appeal to “eco-aware” tourists.
  • And crucially being part of WSEK is the right thing to do for our environment.
  • Participating businesses will be listed on KTLN and the project is likely to be mentioned on social media pages.
  • There will be an awards ceremony at the end of the season to recognise high achievers.
  • If successful WSEK will be extended to other businesses in 2019.

WSEK Objectives for Restaurants Cafes & Bars

  1. To significantly increase the level of recycling for cardboard/paper, plastic, glass and metal waste. [Currently there is very little organised recycling taking place.  It is very much the exception.]
  2. To significantly reduce the level of single use plastics in Kalkan.  [Currently single use plastics are routinely given out.  This is the norm.]
  3. To encourage more businesses to dispose of used cooking oil using eco-friendly collection schemes. [Currently being done by many restaurants and cafes, but not by all.]
  4. To promote Kalkan as an eco-friendly holiday destination and attract more eco-aware visitors.
  5. To build sufficient momentum and support to rollout WSEK to other types of business in subsequent years.

CSMART Objectives

  • Challenging - something new and may take some outside their comfort zone.
  • Specific - defined by standards.
  • Measurable - observable and subject to random checks and feedback.
  • Achievable - through consultation with businesses believed to be within reach of the vast majority.
  • Relevant - directly supports wider goals concerning the environment.
  • Time Limited - 1st May to 30th October - the main tourism season in Kalkan.

How to get the WSEK certificate

  • There are currently ten defined standards that businesses may commit to.
  • Businesses must commit to a minimum of five standards in order to receive a WSEK certificate, which they can display at their place of business.
  • Businesses must commit to mentioning WSEK standards and objectives in their menus and/or in a prominent place in their premises.
  • Standards must be maintained at all times – 365 days a year (or at all times when trading).

WSEK certificate 

We Support Eco Kalkan (WSEK) Standards for Restaurants Cafes & Bars

  • Standard 1. Recycling (mandatory).  Separating waste into A. Returnable glass bottles (e.g. Efes beer); B. Other glass, plastic, paper/card and metal & C. Other waste.
  • Standard 2. Not using single use plastic cutlery, plates, cups, tooth-picks, stirrers (or similar “decorations”), including stirrers for cocktails.  (mandatory)
  • Standard 3. Not automatically providing customers with single use plastic straws in drinks, but instead only giving straws out upon request. (mandatory)
  • Standard 4. Not automatically providing customers with straws in drinks, and where they are requested providing paper straws or reusable straws (e.g. bamboo or metal).
  • Standard 5. Plastic bottles - less than 25% of all bottled drinks to be from plastic containers (bottles or other types of plastic container).
  • Standard 6. For take away service, less than 25% of all food/drinks containers to be plastic.  Also not using plastic bags to put takeaway food in.
  • Standard 7. Not giving out single use wet wipes, but instead giving them out only upon request.  (individual sachets or larger packs).
  • Standard 8. Not using single use plastic coffee capsules (pods) or single portion sachets of coffee/chocolate (e.g. Nescafe sachets).
  • Standard 9. Using filtered tap water to reduce the use of bottled water.
  • Standard 10. Disposing of used cooking oil responsibly through oil collection schemes.

Notes about these standards
These standards were developed in consultation with a number of Kalkan businesses.  The aim is to maximise participation by making the certificate achievable for all restaurants, cafes and bars.  It could be said that some standards don’t go far enough however we would rather get the majority of businesses on board and working towards eco-friendly practices.  Once on the journey we believe they will want to continue and go further.  We aim to get most people on board and then work with them to raise the bar higher in subsequent years.

Monitoring WSEK Compliance

  • Kalkan is a small town and we are focused on a limited number of businesses so it will be possible to monitor compliance with WSEK standards.
  • Eco Kalkan Group members (local residents) will conduct informal random spot checks.
  • KTLN readers will provide feedback using a link on the web site.  See image below.  These will be private messages rather than open to public view.  Feedback can be positive as well as negative.
  • The Eco Kalkan Group will follow up on feedback received, as appropriate.
  • Businesses who have been given a certificate are expected to comply with standards they signed up for.  Certificates will be withdrawn where standards are not maintained.
  • KTLN will publish a list of businesses that have committed to the WSEK standards so members of the public can check who is taking part.  Any business with a certificate displayed should be on the list.

WSEK feedback

Critical dependencies

The success of this project depends primarily on the actions of business owners and staff in restaurants, cafes and bars.  Success also requires co-operation and support from three key areas: customers, suppliers and Kaş Belediye.

Customers: It is hoped and expected that customers will embrace this initiative and that they will encourage businesses to meet the agreed standards and achieve their objectives.  #saynotoplastic

Suppliers: We expect suppliers to be able to respond to any changes in ordering patterns - for example to cope with the expected shift from plastic to glass bottles, and to provide reasonably priced paper straws instead of plastic straws.

Kaş Belediye: We expect the waste management department of our local authority to work with the private contractor (Seka) to ensure that all recyclable waste is collected promptly.  It is important that the transition from collecting general waste, to collecting separated waste is well managed.  Nobody wishes to see uncollected waste piling up, especially in the old town.

These things may take time to settle down so it will require a little patience, understanding and perseverance from all parties.

Promoting the We Support Eco Kalkan initiative

  • KTLN will publish news reports from time to time.
  • Eco Kalkan Group posts on Facebook.
  • Other social media including various Kalkan Facebook groups.
  • Further promotion in Turkish language newspapers or web sites (with help from Kalkan Restaurant Association).
  • Eco-friendly certificates for display in place of business.
  • WSEK standards and objectives mentioned in menus and/or a prominent place in participating business premises.
  • End of season awards for those businesses who have stood out in promoting eco-friendly practices.

Promoting the WSEK initiative - Suggested message to customers

Here is a suggestion for what can be written in menus or on a sign to be displayed within the business premises.

In order to protect and improve our environment this business is supporting efforts to recycle more rubbish and to reduce the levels of single use plastic.

For this reason we do not automatically provide plastic straws, stirrers and similar items that are potentially harmful for our environment. 

We hope you will agree that this is the right thing to do.  If you do require such items please ask.

Or businesses can create their own message.

Signing up to the WSEK initiative

The project begins on 1st May 2018.  This gives businesses time to prepare for any changes.

Some time before 1st May those business owners who have indicated they will join the project will be invited to formally commit to a minimum of five standards.  Once they have signed up they will be expected to deliver for the entire season.

They will immediately receive two certificates - one in Turkish and one in English - which can be displayed in their business premises.

A full list of participating businesses can be seen here: List of WSEK participants


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