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Environment (8)

It’s a brand new year and things are looking good for Kalkan in 2018.  As we reported yesterday on KTLN, in terms of tourism it looks very much as though a negative outlook has turned positive.

So in that spirit of positivity KTLN is this year going to dedicate time and energy to another subject where we believe we need to turn a negative into a positive. 

This year we will be focusing on the environment.  It’s a theme you are going to read a lot about on KTLN this year, and we very much hope that you will support us in what we are hoping to achieve here in Kalkan.  If you want to help please read on.

Türkçe okumak için buraya tıklayın.  (To read this in Turkish click here)

KTLN recently told you about some environmental initiatives taking place in Kalkan this year.  Eco-friendly Kalkan: Recycling and reducing single use plastic  We are asking everyone to join in and do their bit.  Please join us.

One of those initiatives is to embrace recycling by separating your household rubbish and taking it to recycling collection points around town.

In this report we explain how the system works and what happens to the recyclable waste that you drop off at the collection points.  We want to reassure you that doing this will make a difference.

Türkçe okumak için buraya tıklayın.  (To read this in Turkish click here)

Yeni bir yıla girdik ve Kalkan için 2018 çok iyi geçeceğe benziyor. Dün KTLN’de belirttiğimiz gibi, turizm açısından ileri sürülen olumsuz görüşler de yerini iyimserliğe bırakmış görünüyor

Bu iyimserliği benimseyen KTLN bu yıl zamanını ve enerjisini olumlu hale dönüştürmemiz gerektiğine inandığı bir olumnuzluğa adayacak.

Bu yıl çevre üzerinde yoğunlaşacağız. Bu konuda bu yıl KTLN’de bir çok yayın bulacaksınız ve Kalkan’da gerçekleştirmeyi amaçladığımız eylemlerde bizi destekleyeceğinizi umuyoruz. Eğer yardımcı olmak istiyorsanız lütfen okumaya devam edin.

İngilizce okumak için buraya tıklayın.  (To read this in Englısh click here)

KTLN kısa süre önce size bu yıl Kalkan’da başlatılan çevresel girişimlerden söz etmişti. Çevre Dostu Kalkan: Tek kullanımlık plastiklerin geri dönüştürülmesi ve sayılarının azaltılması.  Herkesin bu alanda bize katılmasını ve katkıda bulunmasını istiyoruz. Lütfen bize katılın.

Bu girişimlerden biri ev atıklarınızın ayrıştırılarak kentteki geni dönüşüm noktalarına götürülmesidir.

Bu raporda size bu sistemin nasıl çalıştığını ve toplama noktalarına götürdüğünüz geri dönüşümsel atıkların nasıl bir işlem gördüğünü açıklayacağız. Sizi temin ederiz ki bu işlem bir fark yaratacaktır.

İngilizce okumak için buraya tıklayın.  (To read this in Englısh click here)

There is a real focus on the environment in Kalkan this year.  Ideas and words on social media are being translated into action.

More people in Kalkan are recycling household waste. Click here to see how. Supermarkets have brought out reusable, eco friendly shopping bags as an alternative to single use plastic bags.  (Next year you will pay for bags in supermarkets).

Now Kalkan’s restaurants, cafes and bars are joining in by giving their backing to an initiative to recycle waste and to significantly reduce the levels of single us plastic.

This article tells you all about the initiative: it’s called “We Support Eco Kalkan” (WSEK).  We hope you will do your bit for the environment in Kalkan this year and support these businesses as they try to make a real difference.

Saturday, 07 April 2018 06:58

We Support Eco Kalkan (WSEK) project 2018

This article explains about the 2018 “We Support Eco Kalkan” (WSEK) project.

There are two strands to the project: individuals and businesses.  The action for individuals was outlined in a KTLN article dated 2018 entitled Eco-friendly Kalkan: Recycling and reducing single use plastic

The business focus this year is on restaurants, cafes and bars.  This article reflects a presentation that was given to many restaurants, cafes and bars prior to the start of the tourist season.  

Not every business owner has been here in Kalkan over recent weeks so we contacted as many as we could and invited them to sign up.  As we publish this article (7th April 2018) the number we managed to speak to was 65 businesses.  The vast majority get it and are on board.

This article lists all restaurants, cafes and bars taking part in the “We Support Eco Kalkan” (WSEK) project in 2018.  Last updated 15th May 2018

Not every business owner was around in Kalkan over recent weeks and months as we tried to recruit participants.  We contacted as many as we could and invited them to sign up: 90 have signed up.  That's the vast majority of eating and drinking places in Kalkan.

They understand what we are trying to achieve and are on board.  Those who have given their commitment are listed below.

If a restaurant, cafe or bar is not on the list it could be because they prefer not to take part or did not get back to us, or it may be because we have not yet had a chance to talk to them.  It's quite a big job getting round every eating place in Kalkan!  We are happy to add more restaurants, cafes and bars to this list.

Last week we invited a company from Antalya to come and explain the benefits of having a water filter system installed.

Despite torrential rain which transformed the road outside Kaya restaurant into a small river around 35 people turned out to listen to the presentation and to ask questions.

In this report we provide a few details from the meeting and give you our take on how useful we think water filters are.  We also report on the water quality in Kalkan.  We thought you might be interested in both the water supplied to our taps and also the quality of the sea water.