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Emergencies (1)

Here are some key phone numbers and links.

The general emergency number to call is 112.  This is the equivalent of 999 in the UK.  It takes you to a central switchboard in Antalya.  They will redirect you to the service you require - Police; Jandarma; Ambulance, Fire or Coast Guard.

If you prefer you can call for the specific help you require:

Medical emergency 112
Jandarma 156
Police 155
Fire 110
Forest Fire 177
Coastguard 158
Missing person 183

If you wish to call the Kalkan Jandarma directly the number is 0242 844 3005.


Medical resources in Kalkan

Here is a link to a section of the KTLN Directory where you will find details of doctors, hospitals, dentists, opticians, chemists and vets.  List of Medical Resources


Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO): British Embassy and Consular help in Turkey

For details of UK help and consular services in Turkey click here:

Here are some other useful FCO links.

FCO Coronavirus guidance

Foreign travel insurance

Emergency Help for British nationals

Passports and emergency travel documents

Travelling to Turkey - includes travel advice and how to marry abroad

Living in Turkey - including how to access health care

Birth, death and marriage abroad

British Embassy and Consulate contact details

British Honorary Consulate Fethiye contact details 

Turkey - Consular Fees


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