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Thursday, 07 June 2018 12:13

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below we provide a few frequently asked questions which may answer some questions you have about KTLN. 

If you have any questions about the web site that are not covered here you can always ask us: Contact the editor

I was a member on the old site.  Why do I have to register as a member again?
We have not automatically transferred membership across from the original KTLN web site.  We had over 11,000 members on the original web site and we would imagine that since we launched KTLN in 2009 a number of our members won't still be active users, so we are starting again from scratch.  It only takes a minute to register.  You can keep your old User Name or come up with a new one.

I didn't get a confirmation email when I registered.  What do I do?
First of all please check your spam folder to see if the email has been directed there.  If you have checked and you still can't find it please send us a message through the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.  We will help you.

I am looking for articles on a specific subject.  How can I find them?
There is a search function on KTLN.  In the top right corner of every page you will see a small white magnifying glass icon.  Click on the icon and then type in the word or words you are looking for.  The search tool will list all articles containing the word or words you chose.  Then just select the article you wish to read.

Where are the web cams?
When we switched to our new server and our new look web site in June 2018 the web cam feeds stopped working.  We need to reconfigure them to send images to our new server.  We are working on this.  Please bear with us.  We know how popular they are.  For updates please check our Chatterbox.

How do I find the Chatterbox?
First of all you must be logged in as a member.  It's not visible to guest readers.  Once you have logged in go to Contact Us at the top of the page and you will see Chatterbox as a menu option.  Just click on it.

What is the Chatterbox for?
KTLN originally had a feature for registered members called the Feedback Box.  It started out as a way you could give us your views on the web site, but it soon became a friendly chat area.  Chatterbox is the replacement on the new look site launched in June 2018.  You need to be a member to join in.

You can use it to provide feedback on the web site - good or bad.  Or you can use it for general comments.  We have divided it into two separate places - one for topics that may be more of interest to residents and another one for visitors.  You can comment in either whether you are a resident or a visitor.  We want it to be a friendly space where we can all chat and help each other out.  

The rules are simple.  1. Be nice to each other.  2. No recommendations please.

Why don't you allow recommendations in the KTLN Chatterbox?
A few reasons really.  It's just something that distinguishes us from forums. 

We have seen too many online recommendations descend into arguments about bad food, bad service, and this one is better than that one, and so on.  It's a recipe for trouble so we don't really want to see it.  Why not just go and find out for yourself? Part of the fun of being in Kalkan should be discovering things for yourself, rather than going round with a clipboard with a list of places printed off from an online web site. 

Where are the Exclusive Offers with discount vouchers?
These deals will continue on the new look site once we have created the new format for the vouchers.  Sorry the vouchers are not available at the moment but soon they will be.  Further details coming shortly.

What has happened to the KTLC location codes?
The Kalkan Town Location Codes (KTLC) provided people with something similar to a post code for Kalkan.  They were popular with some people but never widely used.  As we relaunch the KTLN web site (June 2018) we have no plans to replicate them, however we are looking at alternative solutions.  We will provide an update on this in due course.




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