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Friday, 01 June 2018 06:23


Patara beach Patara beach

Most of the content on this web site is available to the public.  You don’t need to register as a member to read news reports and other articles, but we have got a few special features that we keep for members only.

When we redesigned and relaunched KTLN in June 2018 we seriously considered not having membership at all, but on balance we decided to keep it.

We have not automatically transferred membership across.  We had over 11,000 members on the original KTLN site and we would imagine that quite a few don't still look at the web site, so we are starting again from scratch.

If you do decide to sign up that's great.  It won't take long and obviously membership is free.  But if you choose not to register that’s absolutely fine by us.  Whether you use the web site as a guest or as a member you are welcome.

Register with KTLNHow to register as a member
Simply click on to the white icon of a person (top right) and you will see options to log in and to regsiter as a new member.

When registering you will need to give your name and email address, create a User Name and choose a log in password.  We then send you an activation email: simply click on the link in our email to activate your account, then you can log in.

Please note that some emails may go to your spam folder so if you don't see our email you may wish to check in spam.

Why bother with membership?
Here are some of the things you will get if you sign up (once we get them up and running):

Access to web cams with live views of Kalkan
As at June 2018 we are working on reconfiguring the webcams so they can be seen on our new look web site.  Bear with us as we do the technical stuff.

Exclusive offers - deals we have negotiated for members - e.g. at Dalaman International Airport and Esnaf Hospital in Fethiye
These deals will continue on the new look site once we have created the new format for the vouchers.  Sorry the vouchers are not available at the moment but soon they will be.  Further details coming shortly.

Chatter Box - a place where members can chat online and help each other out.  Simple rules - be nice to each other and no recommendations!
We have upgraded our old feedback box and we have a brand new place where members can chat. 

Some of our readers don't do social media web sites such as Facebook, so this gives them, as well as anybody else a friendly space where they can interact with fellow Kalkan lovers.  The rules are simple: 1. Be nice to each other.  2. No recommendations please.

Our promise to members
So please feel free to sign up.  We undertake to look after your personal data.  We won’t share it with others.  We won’t annoy you with marketing messages of any kind.

Click here to read our Privacy Policy

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  • Comment Link Alan Rowe Monday, 17 September 2018 15:07 posted by Alan Rowe

    Hi, love the look of the new site,however I am disappointed that the new webcams are still not working. Looking forward to our hols in June??

  • Comment Link Margaret Hesketh Monday, 30 July 2018 13:00 posted by Margaret Hesketh

    What is a site URL? Don’t think I’ve got one

  • Comment Link John Fedorowycz Tuesday, 10 July 2018 10:41 posted by John Fedorowycz

    Hi Brian. I'm surprised you don't recognise this as the new web site as it is significantly different to the old site. As for webcams my IT guy is supposed to be setting them up this week for testing then if all is well we will make them live. Both HD cameras.

  • Comment Link Brian Shaw Monday, 09 July 2018 13:59 posted by Brian Shaw

    When will the new website be up and running, and will there be a new Webcam ?

  • Comment Link John Fedorowycz Friday, 06 July 2018 09:33 posted by John Fedorowycz

    Hi Steve. I think it will take time for all of us to become familiar with the new layout. As for a meet up - why not. When is a good time?

  • Comment Link John Fedorowycz Friday, 06 July 2018 09:32 posted by John Fedorowycz

    Hi Carol Ron. I have sent you an email. I think it must to to do with the settings on your web browser. It should be possible to save your log in details. It works for me and my wife on our devices.

  • Comment Link Steve Barnett Thursday, 05 July 2018 21:11 posted by Steve Barnett

    Hey TC, keep up the good work. Navigating the new web site seeming a little un-intuitive, time needed to regain that personal KTLN touch we were all so comfortable with. Any plans for a membership get together in Aug/Sept ?

  • Comment Link Carol & Ron Wednesday, 04 July 2018 09:12 posted by Carol Ron

    Hi, I'm now having to input my log in details each time which didn't happen with the previous site, also how do I access chatter box? Thank You.

  • Comment Link John Fedorowycz Wednesday, 27 June 2018 17:59 posted by John Fedorowycz

    Hi Carole. Re your question: Where are the Exclusive Offers with discount vouchers? These deals will continue on the new look site once we have created the new format for the vouchers. Sorry the vouchers are not available at the moment but soon they will be. Further details coming shortly.

  • Comment Link Carole Wise Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:34 posted by Carole Wise

    Hi I’m loving your new look site but struggling to find the Dalaman Airport Lounge discount form for this year. Maybe a site map would help? Can you tell me where it is please?


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